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Monika Ube Purple Yam Jam - 12 oz

Monika Ube Purple Yam Jam - 12 oz

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Monika Ube/Purple Yam 12 oz. What is Ube or Purple yam? It is most commonly associated with traditional and modern Philippine cuisine. Purple yam desserts have more recently entered the United States through Philippine cuisine, under the Filipino name "ube". It is particularly popular due to the striking violet-purple color it gives to desserts. It is widely used for a variety of Philippine desserts, such as ube cake, ube cheesecake and ube crinkles, as well as an ingredient or flavor for ice cream, milk, donuts, tarts, jam and other types of pastries. It is often eaten boiled, baked, or as a sweetened dessert called ube halayá; the latter being a popular ingredient in the iced dessert called halo-halo. 

  • UPC: 022392576178
  • Product of the Philippines
  • Manufacturer: MONIKA

INGREDIENTS: Purple Yam 50% (Dioscorea alata), Sugar, Water, Ube Flavor

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