Collection: Ube Flavors

Ube is our all-time favorite flavor. It’s a tuberous vegetable called Dioscorea alata, or ube, also known as the purple yam—no surprise the vegetable is celebrated for its distinctive hue. But most notably, with all the attention on Instagram-friendly dishes and unicorn foods, ube is getting a lot of love because of its color. While that color may be familiar around a Filipino dinner table, it is pretty unusual for the average American diner and they’ve been clamoring for it. Indigenous to the Philippines, the yam has grown in popularity in the U.S. for a few reasons.  With demand for Filipino food, a few farmers have started to grow the hardy, tropical plant stateside too.  First, Filipino cuisine is gaining notoriety with the rise of hip restaurants like Jeepney in New York, Bad Saint in Washington D.C., and Lasa in Los Angeles.