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Happy 123rd Philippine Independence Day!


Knorr Beef Cubes in 2.2oz

Knorr Bouillon Beef Cubes add a bold new taste to your next meal with the rich flavors of beef stock, onions, parsley and spices.  UPC: 048001701021 Product of the Philippines Manufacturer: Unilever Ingredients: Iodized salt, sugar, flavor...
$2.55 $3.44

Knorr Pork Cubes in 2.2oz

Knorr Pork Cubes helps deliver full, meaty pork flavor in soups and stews consistently. Made from long-simmered pork meat and fat. Product of the Philippines
$2.25 $3.44 OUT OF STOCK

Monika Ube/Purple Yam Jam -...

Monika Ube/Purple Yam 12 oz. What is Ube or Purple yam? It is most commonly associated with traditional and modern Philippine cuisine. Purple yam desserts have more recently entered the United States through Philippine cuisine, under the Filipino...
$5.89 $8.28

Nagaraya Cracker Nuts Garli...

Nagaraya Cracker Nuts Garlic Flavor. This delicious peanuts snack is packed with protein, fiber, and energy to give you a healthy head start, plus zero cholesterol and zero trans-fat so you can snack without the...
$2.99 $4.96 OUT OF STOCK
Super Q

Super Q Golden Bihon Noodles

Super Q Golden Bihon, Cornstarch noodles. This popular noodle is used in cooking Pancit Bihon, you can use any meat or seafood and mix it with chopped vegetables and add salt, pepper, soy sauce and...
$2.39 $1.97 OUT OF STOCK

Butterfly Ube Flavoring Ext...

Ube (Purple Yam) flavoring extract by Butterfly, flavor enhancement that can be used in baking, ice cream, drinks, and various desserts.  It is an artificial Purple Yam flavor.  What is Ube or Purple yam? It is...
$2.12 $3.24

Regent Cheese Ring in 60 g

These bite-sized rings are overloaded with cheese flavor that we all crave for. It has always been loved by kids and adults and eats it in different fun kind of way.  Ingredients: Corn, Vegetable Oil...
$1.18 $1.81 OUT OF STOCK

Ajinomoto Crispy Fry Origin...

Ajinomoto Crispy Original Flavor Breading Mix is great for any meat or seafood. Add the mix to chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or fish fillets. You can either fry in oil or use an air fryer to...
$1.69 $2.75
Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Ube Mamon 8oz

Red Ribbon Ube Mamon 8oz - Moist and soft chiffon cake bursting with Ube flavor *To ensure freshness we ship baked goods every Wednesday to Friday only. 
$3.74 $4.95

Regent Cheese Ball in 65g

The perfect snack for cheese lovers. These round bite-sized snacks are thickly powdered with cheese. The right amount of saltiness will make you lick your fingers. Ingredients: Corn, Vegetable Oil (may contain Coconut Oil and/or...
$1.18 $1.81

Oishi Pillows Choco Filled ...

Oishi Pillows Choco Filled Crackers Party Pack. Product of the Philippines
$2.94 $4.99 OUT OF STOCK

UFC Spaghetti Sauce Sweet F...

Pinoy Spaghetti The ever popular Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce. No celebration is complete without spaghetti! This kid-friendly version is guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters. UFC Spaghetti Sauce is a thick red orange sweet sauce...
$1.88 $2.88

Oishi Ribbed Cracklings in ...

Oishi Ribbed Cracklings. This snack is light and fluffy, yet crunchy and resembles a lightly salt & vinegar flavor and a perfect beer match. Product of the Philippines
$2.29 $3.00
White King

White King Arroz Caldo in 113g

This is a chicken rice porridge mix with real ginger which makes cooking Arroz Caldo a breeze. Product of the Philippines
$2.23 $3.41 OUT OF STOCK
Marka Hipon

Marka Hipon Dried Fish Salt...

Marka Hipon - Dried Salted Herring (Tunsoy) Fully Eviscerated - 7.05 OZ  Frozen Goods Shipping *Frozen goods are shipped in insulated mailers or styrofoam coolers(for large orders) with FDA-approved cold pack to preserve their shape and quality. Orders with frozen goods...
$5.10 $8.38 OUT OF STOCK
Lucky Me

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chil...

Try Lucky Me Chilmansi instant chow mein noodles. Product of the Philippines
$0.75 $14.98
Marco Polo

Marco Polo Shrimp Snack Chi...

Marco Polo Shrimp Snack Chips Original Flavor great for quick snacks. Product of the Philippines
$2.86 $3.30
Dona Juliana

Godinez 316 Gourmet Cebu St...

Godinez 316 Gourmet Cebu Style Chorizo, its sweet and tasty. Please note that frozen perishable meats require a purchase of TWO items to fit in the styrofoam cooler and to cover the 1-2 Day FREE...
$13.75 $15.99
Lucky Me

Lucky Me La Paz Batchoy Ins...

Try Lucky Me Cups La Paz Batchoy Instant Noodle Soup. Artificial Beef Flavor with Garlic.  Batchoy is a native delicacy soup dish made of sliced pork, pig’s innards, and miki noodles. This dish originated from the district...
$1.76 $2.69
Jack n Jill

Jack ‚Äėn Jill Chippy BBQ (Re...

A crunchy corn chip featuring a barbecue flavor that will delight your senses. 
$1.32 $2.02 OUT OF STOCK
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