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Monika Ube/Purple Yam Jam -...

Monika Ube/Purple Yam 12 oz. What is Ube or Purple yam? It is most commonly associated with traditional and modern Philippine cuisine. Purple yam desserts have more recently entered the United States through Philippine cuisine, under the Filipino...
$5.89 $8.28

Victorias Hot and Spicy Spa...

What makes the Victorias Hot and Spicy Spanish Style Sardines in oil an all time favorite? It's uses all natural ingredients and its a very healthy food. UPC: 4800210124017 Product of the Philippines Manufacturer: Victorias...
$1.99 $3.96
Ox & Palm

Ox and Palm Original Chunky...

Popular Australian Corned Beef made with 100% Australian Beef. Since 1936, families worldwide have been proud to share the great taste of Ox & Palm corned beef.
$7.95 $10.99

Jans Ube Flavored Sweet Cow...

JANS Ube flavored Sweet Cow Condensed Milk 375 G.  A popular ingredient used in Filipino desserts.

Rufina Fish Sauce in 24 oz

A popular fish sauce in the Philippines is now available in our store. This is a great sauce for seafood and meat barbeques. Also an essential ingredient in Filipino soup such as Chicken Tinola and...
$4.50 $6.89

Monika Nata de Coco in Whit...

Monika Nata de Coco - White Coconut Gel - 32 oz or 12oz
$2.59 $4.09 OUT OF STOCK

Victorias Bangus Spanish St...

Philippine milkfish in SOYA oil, in Spanish style ready to eat staple.  UPC: 4800210123010 Product of The Philippines Manufactured by: VICTORIAS FOODS INGREDIENTS:
$4.89 $7.19

555 Sardines in Hot and Spi...

555 Sardines in Hot and Spicy Tomato Sauce 155 G
$0.99 $1.99

555 Sardines in Tomato Sauc...

The 555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce available in 155G is a popular Filipino staple in the Sardines category. A warm cup of rice and a 555 Sardines is a full Filipino meal. 
$0.99 $1.99

Pangasinan Balayan in 12 oz

Salted Fish Sauce. This is a kind of bagoong made in the town of Balayan, Batangas is also known as Bagoong Balayan. Product of the Philippines.
$2.82 $4.31

Monika Halo-Halo Fruit Mix ...

Ingredients: Red mung beans 43%, coconut gel 20%, sugar 15%, water, white beans 5%, palm sugar 3%, banana 2,5%, jackfruit 1,5%.
$7.89 $11.69

Mega Canned Sardines Tomato...

Delicious and healthy Mega Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce. Product of the Philippines
$1.47 $2.25

Hokkaido Mackerel TH (Small...

Hokkaido Mackerel in Oil  rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Net Wt. 155g or 5.5oz UPC: 8852111027696 Product of Thailand Manufacturer: MTC Ingredients: Mackerel, Vegetable Oil, Water and Salt
$1.88 $2.88
Datu Puti

Datu Puti Value Pack in 1000ml

Cane Vinegar and Soy Sauce Value Pack 1 liter bottle of Cane Vinegar (33.8 fl oz) 1 liter bottle of Soy Sauce with Isoflavones (33.8 fl oz) Ingredients: Vinegar (cane vinegar, water); Soy Sauce (...
$6.35 $10.13 OUT OF STOCK

Kamayan Sauteed Alamang Spi...

Kamayan Sauteed Alamang - Sauteed Shrimp Paste in spicy flavor
$7.29 $11.15

Argentina Liver Spread 255g

Argentina Liver Spread is great ingredient for Filipino beef stew, liver pate, and biscuits. It combines pork and beef liver for a unique flavorful spread. UPC: 748485803456 Product of The Philippines Manufactured by: THE PACIFIC MEAT...
$4.95 $7.99
Chin Chin

Chin Chin Black Grass Jelly...

Chin Chin Black Grass Jelly - 19oz
$3.99 $4.68

Palm Corned Beef with Juice...

Palm Corned Beef with Juices - 326G Product of New Zealand
$8.69 $12.98
San Sebastian

San Sebastian Gourmet Spani...

Selected fish steamed cooked in olive oil with spices gives these sardines its exquisite taste and flavor. San Sebastian Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil (Mild). UPC: 4809011952898Product of the PhilippinesManufacturer: ALENTER FOOD, Inc.Ingredients: Sardines, Olive Oil, Corn Oil. Carrots,...
$7.55 $9.51

Argentina Corned Beef - Bla...

Popular Corned Beef made in Brazil, larger size
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